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SHOP HIGHLIGHT: NipNTuck Performance

SHOP HIGHLIGHT: NipNTuck Performance

When Nip N Tuck Performance is brought up people that have years of history in the car scene think of a shop that started building, and installing the best and cleanest wire tucks available in the Utah Valley. They got their start working in a garage over 10 years ago before moving into their first shop.  Along with it came a demand towards the performance market. They quickly made a name for themselves as one of the go-to shops in Utah County for custom engine builds.  From then on their business has grown exponentially. Grown so much, that they recently upgraded to a bigger shop. They are still working hard to get ready for the new and bigger things that are to come. This includes expanding and dedicating a great amount of shop space exclusively for repair and maintenance; along with refining space used for performance and custom engine builds.

I visited Dustin, Aka “Dustpan” last week. I was able see what they are working on and discuss what Dustin’s vision is for the future of his shop.  The new building is still taking form and is looking great with 4 easily accessible bays for builds and repairs. In the shop, there were more engine builds than I could count; including multiple EVO, Subaru, Honda and even a few LS engines. Observing all the cars in the shop and in the parking lot, I have come to conclude they can and will work on just about anything. The many vehicles currently being worked on ranged from EVO’s to trucks to a 52 Chevy. This upcoming car season Nip N Tuck have many exciting builds to look forward to. This list includes a few heavily built STI’s and EVO’s as well as Manpreet’s 2.4L Long rod EVO that will be wrapped up and out on the streets very soon.


You will have great confidence in any work completed at Nip N Tuck Performance. Their work is top-notch. They are the right guys to make sure that the custom build runs and operates flawlessly.  Even though the shop does not have an in-house Dyno, they know and work with the most reputable tuners in Utah for your EVO, Subaru, Honda, or domestic car builds. Dustin and his staff will have great contact during your build to make sure that everything is transparent to maximize your experience with them.

No matter where you live, don’t let the distance discourage you from investing in excellent work. They will work hard to deliver the best of the best for you. Nip N Tuck stands proudly behind all products sold and work completed. Keep an eye out on Facebook and other social media for a Grand Opening Day for current and future customers.


Written by: Daniel Chilinski