Street Car Shootout Presented by You!

FWD Shootout

  • All competitors must pass NHRA Safety Inspection for estimated Competition ET/MPH
  • Current insurance and registration (will be checked at tech in)
  • 1/4 mile Heads Up
  • .400 Pro Tree
  • Limit two power adders per vehicle, methanol injection is not considered power adder.
  • Any Tire Permitted
  • Any transmission type o.k.
  • Any engine type o.k.
  • Must be factory frame from firewall back
  • Pairings are done by drawing out of hat each round.
  • First name of pair drawn gets lane choice
  • $75 Buy In plus tech card purchase
  • No buy backs

Don’t Drive Over your head, if you are out of control, BACK OFF!
Don’t risk hurting yourself or someone else. Once out of control let out!!!

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